Since we got our first grey boy, our family (and our lives!) have been changed forever! 









When we're out with our weimaraners, inevitably someone will stop us to talk about the breed.  Many people will say that they want a weimaraner some day.  Our response is "If you mind having a dog follow you around everywhere you go in the house (including the bathroom), then don't get a weimaraner!" 

Weimaraners are beautiful to look at, there is no doubt about it.  As breeders, though, we have a very heavy responsibility of placing these beautiful young puppies into homes. Raised from birth as true family members, we believe that we must do our best to place them with families who will continue to foster their sense of belonging so as to ensure that they grow and develop into a weimaraner who is both physically and mentally sound.

Jim and Janet Meyer

Pasadena, Maryland

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