Photo Gallery


Merlin helping with yard work

Samson and his peeps

Milo's shades!

Tequila Monster

Flying Saudade

Murphy's Snow Day

Merlin with his peeps!

Merlin learning to play baseball

Merlin's Halloween

Saudade's Pumpkin Carving

Birdie in the field

Abby in...

Abby out!

Coda, the Prince

I can run as fast as you can!

Weim Boating 201: Floating with owner

Weim Boating 101: I sit, you push

I will always look up to you!

Flossing those puppy teeth

Zoe learning to "raise the roof"!!

Tequila, the flying Weim!

Go Saudade!

Samson the deer

Reddy and Santa

Murphy's first birthday!!

Milo the Christmas Elf...what a good sport!

Mr. Milo Santa and Ms. Indy Elf

Maggie working in the field

Milo and Indy on Christmas morning!

Merlin watching football with Dad...Go Giants!

Maggie loves Weimaraner Agility Fun Day!

Indy the Christmas Elf!

Bindi loves the laundry, too!

Tequila's 1st Birthday!

Matthew and his best buddies, Brandi and Merlin

Bindi discovers the car seat!

Bindi loves the car seat!

Ava napping on the heating pad

Raven snoozing

Birdie helps with the laundry

Goofy Birdie!

Happy 13th Birthday Ava

A Girl and her Cake!

Bella the Babysitter...or is she a couch sitter?

Naptime for Baby Birdie and LB

Baby Birdie...too cute!

Birdie the Dishwasher

Saudade's Merry Christmas

Scarlet and her Eddie

O'Man's corner

Scrabbles in his backyard

Bella's corner


Wally on point

Wally waiting for Santa

Wally and Ava on vacation

Saudade in Annapolis

Bindi and her toys

I can swim...maybe!


Tequila and Maggie

Puppy Reunion

Anything I can do you can do too!

Is this how you retrieve, Dad?

Weimaraner Relay...a new Olympic Event!

The Perfect Vacation!

Shilo in Germany

It's great to be a dog in Germany!

Okay, you jump in and get the ball...

I got it!

One giant leap...

Happy Birthday

Spice and Mom crusin' for guys

The gang's all here

Catch the bubbles

Party animal

Sunny days!

It's a hard knocks life

Wait for me!

Wonder what's under here

Hide and seek

Found ya!

This is fun!

You're not gonna get me coppers!

Wonder if they'll find us!

Walkin the line

Still not found!

Ahhhhhhh! Do you think they will be home soon?

Wow, I can stand!

Wally loves Lobster!

Good God lets eat.


Hey, let me in!

You bark, and I'll grab the pizza...

Where's the weimaraner?

I wonder if they'll play with me

I'll get that bird, I will!

Really, I had it first!

I got it, I got it!

I'll wait as long as it takes to get some more!

Got him!

It's in here somewhere, I smell it!

Snow play


I could go out there and play, too!

Raven and the whole gang!

Sierra, geez, wonder where she got her name!

road trip

Mischief getting some Junior Hunter legs

Don't you think I'm handsome?

Snoozing on the couch...practice makes perfect

Okay, so they're not gray...but they're still cute!